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If an local or  international relocation is in your future, then you have come to the right place. Star International Movers are the expert Rockville movers that can get you anywhere in the world that you need to go.

International relocation is a complex, involved process that requires in-depth knowledge and expertise in order for it to go smoothly. From planning, to legal logistics, to language barriers, a lot needs to be taken into consideration when moving to another country. These are the reasons why Star is the company that can serve you well throughout the process.

We provide expert international moving counsel and advice to Rockville movers:

From in-transit shipment tracking and visibility to in-house customs clearance expertise, we have the skill set and technology to make sure that your belongings get overseas safely and securely. We have move assist global relocation software that allows us to ensure the highest experience.

We speak many languages!

Our staff has a collective knowledge of English, Spanish, French, German, Farsi and others! But more importantly, we have the consideration of our customers, and of the world, and know how to communicate in any situation.

Full-time move professionals who provide family-friendly service:

Our staff is made up of experienced international move coordinators, local move experts, certified move consultants, and we are certified ProMovers. Rockville movers can give us a call or fill out our free move quote online to get started with Star International. Near or far, we will deliver!

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